War? What is Good for? Songs?

While looking at websites about Afghanistan, I say to myself, just get the hell out of there, the Russians couldn’t do it, what makes us think we can?  Oh, that’s right, they attacked us. 

Well, didn’t they attack us in the Bay of Tonkin?  Isn’t that the whole idea?  We are not aggressors.  We defend liberty, justice and the American way.  But, I really don’t buy it anymore.  Nor, do I buy the liberal point of view either. 

It doesn’t really really matter who is in office at the time, Democrat or Republican, what matters is the economy.  Right now, the economy sucks.  And if you were to bring back all of the young men who were serving overseas back home, what jobs would they come home to?  So I say increase the troops by the 10% that is unemployed, then it will look like employment is okay…Sounds like a great plan, huh?  So, I’d show this to someone in the higher up.

Now, we have someone going whacko in Ft.Hood. But, he gets shot by civilian police who evidently are trained not to kill.  What happened to shoot to kill?   And I ride the bus and after I mention the flags being flown at half mast, this kid whips up his arm to show his crescent moon and star tattoo.  So is he Muslim?  

Does that mean I should be afraid to ride the bus or convert to Islam?  What is the difference between Muslim and Islam anyway?  Can you be Muslim and be my friend with me being a Christian, or it just as bad as within Christianity, and we all are trying to convert each other to our own respective denominations.  Or is that about money, too?  Where is Robin Hood when you need him?  Ft. Hood…Hmmmmm

Three cheers for the merry men! 


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