Darn, I thought I’d met my true love

Darn, I thought I’d met my true love and I missed a night of my games on Face book.  All my crops will be withered maybe or overgrown on my farm, my neighbors howling on the other thing…All ready I have people wanting to join Castle thing…Boy my memory is messed up.  I have to check out which vitamin I really need and get it…

I bad enough that I have a hard time keeping up with the games on Face Book and then I go and check out a Christian Dating thing….and have some young woman want to meet me right off the bat…Right away it sets off alarms….Natasha….Natasha…Warning, Natasha…

The one thing about being burned on a computer is that it rarely happens again.  So the story is the first time that she needs to come from Russia, I just need to send her some money to start the immigration process.  I am so broke, I am waiting for the woman to bring me home. ROFLOL.  Ain’t gonna happen, boy.  That’s Southern talk for put your head back on your shoulders, boy.

Well, So I bring this picture to a meeting I go to regularly and this guy  there says, out loud “That’s Natasha!”  He knew the story as he had looked into the same thing on the computer…Ever since then my sponsor in this program kids me about Natasha this and Natasha that….

So I join this Christian Dating thing…and right away there are all kinds of women…her story is that she is in Ghana…29 years old…good looking picture…that’s the problem with the picture…I could send a picture of a good looking woman and it really would be me…

Darn I thought I’d met my true love…

Happy Veterans Day to all the Veterans who served in any war any where…


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