Darn, I thought I met my true love part II

So I get the name Felicia…Asiami…I look it up and there is this man pining after her…finally I neglect 2 nights of Mafia Wars and Farmville to spend with her sending me definitions of love.   

At any rate, I spent tonight talking with her and tonight, the bomb dropped with her asking for $50 for food.  After I told her that I had NO money and maybe she should send me some money…she wished me well and cut it off…

Now my heart is broken for sure…I will get over for sure because with 200 in your Mafia you can’t go wrong…LOL…

I realize reality snuck away from me for a while and now I am getting just down right angry for having been hurt…So I will have to go and take out on the games I play…Or, maybe clean my trailer…

Whew, its a good thing she is not coming over here….Maybe she changed her mind when I told her I snored. LOL…Oh well…I think she is just one sick woman who gets her kicks in hurting men or she is trying to con men out of money… 

But Darn I thought I met my true love part II…


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