Overpopulation of Facebook

Facebook is recently becoming very overpopulated, there have been many members
complaining that Facebook is becoming very slow. Records show that the
reason is that there are many -active Facebook members and, on the other side,
many new Facebook members.
We will be sending this message around to see if members are active or not.
if you are active please send to at least 15 other users using Copy+ Paste to
show that you are still active. *Those who do not send this message within 2 weeks
will be deleted without hesiltation to create more space.*
Send this message to all your friends and to show me that your still active and
you will not be deleted.
Founder of facebook,  Mark Zuckerberg 

I received the above from one of my “Friends” Mafia members on Facebook.  I think Mark Zuckerberg would have probably done a spell check…Maybe?  But, that is why I am getting more memory…That is why I closed out another account…And now I am pissed off…I have been targeted more than once by Love Scams…ready to go to Ghana..but too F..kng broke.  Been hit by a you can make money on a Google website…Got me…Now I am pissed off…really pissed off…I am ready to start deleting everything in site…just may go back to watching TV and to hell with the internet…Naaaaahhhh….Where else can ya kill people and get away with it?


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