Melancholy tonight

I went to the bank today.  At least it only takes one bus to get there…I had to take out a payday loan to cover the charges the hit me.  After I checked my PayPal, I found out that I had another charge go through and another $27 for another overdraft…Damn…So, my You too can make money with Google has cost me 2.97 plus 1.00 plus 54.00 for overdraft charges added to rounded off 150…plus another 27…all adds up to a grand total of $235  of you, too can make money with Google…So far, the bank has made money, and some place called has made money all off of me…I should have just taken $235 and gone down to Manatee Community College and signed up for a course, which I may yet…I just will have to schedule it before the buses stop running…That is a long walk home…

Unless I really could do something with FastBlogZone…which is doubtful…I am really tired of the bullshit stories that the love scam artists have.  They are not even artists.

They should check with each other…Now I have floating in my head…Vengeance is Mine…Says the LORD,  I will repay…meaning…I should not bother…and let him…

So I guess I will and just go play games or read some…maybe let them go tonight…



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