Computers, what fun

Well, here it is Thanksgiving and I am staying at home.  I made homemade chicken soup.  I could have gone to the park’s Thanksgiving celebration if I had signed up.  But, I did not.  Every day I would walk home and be to tired to go in to do so…so here it is and I am staying home by myself…I see the Post Office out delivering the mail…I would up being hungry and ate a turkey sandwich any way …I do almost every day…The only thing I missed was mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce…well, I guess real turkey would have been nice…

In the mean time I have been playing games on Facebook and first thing I noticed was that all of my armies on Castles and Vampires were missing…Never even checked the gold or blood or whatever…Then in Mafia one of my people shows up as a Face Book customer…Was my bodyguard…So I decided look into downloading Mozilla Firefox just for fun…wow…is it fast on everything…So I will check it out on other things and see what’s happing…But for now…I got all my crops taken care of and I need to go back later and help out my neighbors and send some more gifts to them…Think I will cruise the internet for now…on Firefox…


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