Scams, Scams and more Scams…

I think I will buy a real short sword to carry with me and start cutting people up as I go along…I got home today and was hungry and tired so made a sandwich, read emails and then took a nap…overlooking the fact that I had a voicemail…so by the time that I woke up from my nice nap it was dinner time…I stumbled to the kitchen and fumbled through the kitchen for some leftovers, for who the hell felt like cooking?  As I am eating in front of the computer, I reach over to take a drink of iced herbal tea, I notice  the blinking light to my voicemail…

Soooo…I call the voicemail and it says…”please enter your pin number”  I am like thinking to myself, “Who the hell are you?  Which pin number are you talking about?”  I mean you did not identify yourself turkey….”   So I go to Google…wonderful Google and get a reverse telephone number lookup and punch in the telephone number….

“Private number…”  But….It is from a cell phone here in the same city where I am from…They are dead meat now….I have their sweet arses now….They had better run, because I have enough help here, that I think that they should leave Florida…I am just down right pissed off…

I mean…Check this out…that means they are getting some information from me somehow…So…now I have to find out where from….


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