So You Want Government Paid Medical Aid, Huh?

So you want Government Paid Medical Aid, huh? 

Last Tuesday after experiencing pain like sunburn in my left arm and finally chest pain, I decided that I needed to get groceries in case I was admitted to the hospital and came out to an empty refrigerator.  At least that was my thinking…Well, when I struggled to catch the bus home, the pain got worse and I asked my friend to take me to the emergency room the following morning…As I went in with Chest Pain, I was admitted to our local hospital after calling down to the VA satellite with the doctor and nurse telling me to go to the emergency room.

I was admitted on Wednesday.  They put me in a private room on oxygen and nitroglycerine patches and I felt like I was playing the Vampire games in real life when every 6 hours someone came to take blood.  I was x-rayed, cardio graphed, and fed well.  I got to watch plenty of reruns of NCIS, sleep and flirt with student nurses like I used to when I was in the Navy.  I was finally admitted Wednesday evening at 7pm with prescriptions in my pocket that I was going to get filled in the VA system….ROFLOL  Oh my chest….

At any rate, Friday, I hopped a bus and went back up to the hospital and gave them the phone number of what I thought was the fax to my doctor at the VA…WRONG…

(Beginning of Nightmare)…While I am there, I figured I would help get Medicaid started…That was not a problem…all they wanted was a copy of my birth…and I got hold of someone the next day and faxed it to him…piece of cake…once he gave me the correct number to fax it to…not the original number….When I got home in the mail was a letter from the VA, saying that If I wish to expedite the claim…etc…etc.

I had the weekend to relax and take care of regular business…shopping, etc…I relaxed…Monday is when the nightmare at the VA began…trying to get through to someone…All I was trying to do was find out was did they receive the fax of the records? 

When I got hold of a clerk in Bay Pines, I was put down, with him telling me that I was supposed to send the information up there, and Oh yeah sounds like I had developed a rapport with the doctor…

I called down to the main nurse in Sarasota and left a message and he returned my call just as I was going out the door for the bus this morning to a meeting.  He told me that my doctor would need copy of the prescription and progress notes from the doctor…

I decided to change my plans and go down to Sarasota rather than go to my regular meeting, so I called my sponsor and made the  bus southbound to the airport and waited to transfer to the one that took me the stop where I would walk to the VAMC.   When I got there, I was told they never received my records. 

I LOST IT.  I went off big time…the poor clerk handed me papers of what needed to be done and copied my prescriptions and as I was standing there telling another veteran about what happened, another clerk asked me to step around to another window and she took all of the other information that I had brought with me…and I was informed that my doctor had my prescriptions…

So, I decided to check to see if the first floor had received any information re my records…They had not!  I left the VA, went shopping, ate lunch, missed a bus, waited for another one and waited at the airport to transfer and did and then rode home…

AS YET, I HAVE NOT HAD ANY PRESCRIPTION FOR MY HEART DISEASE FILLED!  Oh, yeah, I did buy some baby aspirin at Walgreens…So I figure with Baby Aspirin and Vitamin E, and walking to catch the bus…throw in some prayer…I should do Okay hopefully.

If the VA is a sample of what Government Paid Medical Aid is going to be, Watch out!


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