Christmas Reflections

I woke up later than usual…15 minutes…LOL…take my morning meds, the rest of routine, and then fix a normal breakfast.  I am listening to Smooth Jazz.  They are playing a lot of Christmas music.  The DJ is a horn player and is really good.  My feelings are vulnerable now.  I feel really alone.  My family is spread out across the country: a sister in New York, a brother in New Orleans, a sister there, also; two sons in a university town in the middle of a corn field.  In this time of the year it is barren land and snow. Down here today in Florida, it has been rainy.  Tomorrow expected weather is sunshine…That’s what good about the weather here, if you don’t like it wait a day and it will change.

I have piles of papers in various spots here and there.  I need to dust something awful, especially the overhead fans.  I will have to put on a face mask and just go to work and dust through out the house.  I want to wash my  curtains, but not today…

I have all these projects that I never get around to…sure wish I had some sort of helpmate.  Just for little things like that.  Even just nagging me to get it done.  Some how a sponsor in AA just does not cut it…There is something like having a woman nagging you that means something. 

I wish I could have gotten my act together as far as my writing sooner than this. 

Mama and Daddy were both writers, so it does not surprise me that I, too, am a writer.  Daddy retired finally as the editor of the Chamber of Commerce News Bulletin of New Orleans and Mama went back and got here BA in English and was writing.

I am thinking of auditing some classes.  In college,  one of my favorite classes was the writing class.   Well enough rambling…more later…


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