A motivation to run for office???

At the first part of December in the second week, I had pain in my chest and the VA told me go to the emergency room.  I complied.  After a full day and all day of the next they let me go the next night.  So when it came time to fill out my unemployment, I decided to be honest…

Warning…Warning…Warning…This Country is not set up for honesty. 

So when I was asked was I able to work and available to work if work had been offered…I put no…Mistake #1

I was given only one week of unemployment compensation.  I managed to make it.  I thought it was strange when I did not get the regular paper work, but a listing of my new entitlement.  So I went in to the website at the regular time and filed out the regular questionnaire.  I was expecting a deposit today and was planning on getting some cash as I finished my grocery shopping. Insufficient funds…I was told.  I decided that I would have to explain to the guy who cut my grass, after I found out what the hell was going on…

I had my regular sandwich, hobbled to the bus stop, and sat down patiently waiting for the bus.  Much to my surprise I was earlier than I thought and the bus was coming shortly.

When I got home, I called Unemployment in an expeditious manner after looking at my accounting programs.  Much to my surprise I found out that that I was not getting anything until a doctor’s release.

It was bad enough trying to get a regular hospital trying to fax something to the VA, I began to imagine what it was going to be like trying to get the VA to release me to Unemployment. 

At that note, I decided that I needed to go take a nap and things were just out of my control and financially I was in the same boat as the country…sinking…

So…I have decided I should run for public office…I have not decided which one yet…just something that will help pay my bills…I have a good back ground…I participated in Model Illinois Government and know how the back room stuff works even in a model.  I was Vice President in Student Government.    Oh yeah, I am a Mafia Wars Godfather….  And I run a Farmville Farm…So now I have to find a public office to run for…What do you think?


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