My Horse, My Horse, My Kingdom for a Horse!

So, I have Unemployment being put to a bank account that I had been using for quite a while.  They have a lot of good features.  Their website is very user friendly.  When things are deposited it is immediately shown up to one’s accounting on their computer.  They will cover your overdrafts in a friendly manner…all to the tune of $27 a pop. 

So what happens to me is I wind up in the hospital and now Unemployment does not show up and now I have to start scrambling to figure out do I have things being taken out, what do I owe this bank, how do I pay it, etc., etc.  I had decided that spending all the time on Facebook on Mafia Wars or Farmville was burning me out, so I decided that I would go ahead and go for Netflix…. 

Good plan…One movie at a time for $8.99 and as many on line that I could handle.  So I decide to have it taken out of my account that would have had the Unemployment. 

Well, since I found out that the Unemployment was not going to be deposited, I figured that I should possibly change banks.  So I go to the Netflix website.  You think it would be an easy proposition, right?  Remove one card number and put in another, simple process, it would seem.  Well, it starts tilting…I call the 800 number and find out that they will not except my card since it is preloaded, meaning they don’t trust the government. 

Well, now I am screwed royally.  I cannot go to the bank I need to  because they are not open on Saturday’s, and it will be Monday by the time I get there.  By that time…Yeah, you guessed it…$27 has been taken out…Now, the question is do cancel Netflix, do I run to the other bank and deposit enough to cover it…who do I be angry with? Netflix?…My first bank who has screwed my out of all kinds of money recently for overdraft charges?…Unemployment?…It is time to really find a job…good evening shoppers, can I get you a cart?


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