Brrrr, It’s Cold in Florida

I remember when I came down from Illinois and I saw everybody bundled up at 40 degree weather and I thought they were nuts.  Why, 40 degrees was warm after below zero weather.  What’s wrong with you people.  Everywhere they were wearing coats, hats, sweater, scarves, sweatshirts.  Here I am doing my laundry bundling up with several layers of clothing, sweatshirt, hat.  Darn, what happened to my gloves?

I am wearing thick Jeans that I only wear once a year in the winter time, the rest of the time I am wearing shorts and short sleeves. Looks like the sun is struggling to come out and may do so by the time I get my laundry done…  So I figured I give everybody a picture of the beach.  That only the snowbirds will be foolish enough to go to….


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