Political Junk Mail

So I am taking time to sort through my email before I get to playing Mafia Wars and Farmville and the other games I play.  I read through all of the political and military stuff that interests me, open my junk snail mail, look through a Fingerhut catalogue and cook some dinner.  I make mental notes to myself of all the things that I should be doing and don’t do them one more time…But, the important things like paying my bills with what little money I have, I somehow get done.

I looked through the Fingerhut catalogue once again think about getting a workout thing and wonder where the heck would I put in my little place…The floor was cold this morning…The only disadvantage with a mobile home…cold air in the bottom, means cold floors…

So, anyway, I finally get to the G’s of my emails and here is a Gold’s Gym ad…I notice that it is referred to me from news@democratic.injecting.net .  Were this Mafia Wars, I would put them up for a hit by my Mafia and it would be done, but what do I do now.  I am really put out.  My snail junk mail, I can tear up and throw away.  I have The White House on my Mailing List.

Doing things like injecting is not a way to gain a convert to one’s political view.  Now I have to Google the Democratic Injecting New and find out who the hell they are.  I am just a older man who has served his country and is interested in politics.  I have been since back in the 70’s. 

In Illinois, before I went back to get my degree, I noticed that no one was running against the County Sheriff.  I found out, then that I would not be supported by the local Democratic Party which was backed out the University of Illinois.  They could care less about me and my campaign.  I tried to run a campaign, hold down a fulltime job of managing a service station.  It did not work.  This also was a Republican County.

Later, when I went to the University of Illinois, in Springfield, I participated in Student Senate and Model Illinois Government.  I saw the cliques and backroom politics that was going on even in that.  But, my degree was my primary interest.

After college, my first real job was on the Native American Reservation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota working for KILI.  I saw the politics involved when I had my mentor flown in to help repair the station and individuals came behind us and sabotaged things so that they could keep asking for money for new equipment.

Throughout my father’s life in the US Army, I heard him speak of the politics that would undo things that the Army had done.  Politics can be a good force, but when it gets out of control and starts to do things like send garbage mail or even if it is the Republicans sending it as the Democrats, it is time for the citizens to start to wake up!

News@democratic.injecting.net    Gold’s Gym does not sound like news does it?

Thanks for listening to me

Bill Dunn aka Billy the Hat


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