Email to Paretologic

The Following is an E-mail sent to a company Paretologic, after figuring out that having removed their product from my system had caused problems in my Money program…I thought I would share it you since some of you read my blog and the rest are friends on Facebook and or perhaps even my enemies in Mafia Wars, but still indirectly still friends online.  I would not like to see have happened to you what has happened to me on line or other wise:

“Dear Sirs,

I am glad that there records on my computer that shows what I download and not…It was only this morning that I finally remembered what it was that I did that caused the problems.  I am very frustrated…You warned me.  I have got to give you credit…You words were am I sure that I want to do that? etc. etc. The problem was once I downloaded your product, everything else began running a lot slower.   I should have check out my Money but I did not get to it until yesterday and that is when I found out that you have destroyed it. 

Well, since I have a degree in Communication and courses in Advertising…I will just advertise what has happened to me on Facebook, in my blog using your Name was what a product you have and that everybody should not use your product…Now I have to redo my Money entire account just because I was not careful to remove things in proper order…rough lesson…Time to simplefy… 

I am a 65 year old Viet Nam Veteran.  All I have is my computer to play with and voice my opinion to the world on…But I guarantee you this, I will be a powerful force  among the younger veterans of different nations…Bill Dunn”


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