I think I will finish my computer degree and make some money

I started studying computers way back  in the late 70’s when the first course that one had to take was machine language.  I had a job where it was partially government paid and one of the upper management had given me a quiz and it turned out that it was his Master’s degree.  I wound up with a assistant programming job doing the same thing as the rest of the programmers.  I have been in and out of electronics and computers for quite a while.  When I worked on my Bachelor’s degree on of the things we were doing was talking with people on the internet.  Then the internet took off like a bang.  In school we were discussing how every house would have a computer and what computers would be doing for the houses.  (That is if you had money.)  I am fortunate that someone built me a computer and I used to work for Radio Shack and understand electronics.  But, I know just enough about computers to get myself into trouble and now my accounting program is corrupted.  I blamed someone else and I have not a clue who was responsible.  It may have been them…I thought I had it restored, but I the same thing has happened again…

All I want is a simple life.  I am at the point where I may just pay bills by hand and buy stamps at the post office and mail them myself each month.  And then there is Mafia Wars…I can’t give that up…so I have to figure out what is going on…It may just be Microsoft themselves wanting me to “upgrade.” 

“You, too, can upgrade, for just a slight fee, send me just $1 and I will upgrade your life.  I will show you how you can make money hand over fist.  Are you behind in your bills?  Do want a woman in your life?  Do you need a new car?  Do want to buy a boat?

I can show you how you can make money more than you have ever seen”…But, in the mean time…I  am going to go watch a Netflix movie…


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