Best laid plans…

I stayed up late until shortly after midnight with Farmville, finally harvesting my crops and planting some new ones. Yet, I never did get to visit my neighbors.  This is a game that stirs up all kinds of guilt when your own neighbors come and feed my chickens, and fertilize my crops and I don’t do a darn thing for them mainly because I never could get a browser to work right.

So, today, I had planned to go to my discount club and pickup a bulk shopping, taking my little dolly with me on the bus…So I took the bus schedule and went to lay down on the bed just for a minute…The next thing I know…it has been several hours…oh well, the best laid plans of mice and men.  I think I will go tomorrow, he says to himself.  Sure was nice when I had my Jeep and the money to keep it up.  (But, ya don’t! So, accept reality, boy.)  I can hear my Daddy talkin’ now…I think I have taken over his place inside my own head.

I just have to get to bed earlier…as I try to figure out what to eat for dinner…And off to the internet he goes…


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