Valiant Guardians

You can see them riding a bus, a trolley, a train, a plane, sitting alone, broken men, making it alone.  Were it not for a hat, or a patch, you’d never know they were veterans, each of a different war, in a different place, in a different era.  Fierce warriors they once were, now valiant in their guardianship, of the younger men and women who ride along together.

They are proud protectors, and a quick glance to each other already they are brothers born by blood in some far off continent.  They ride along together on the internet, and the same process goes on, a picture, a word and the men are brothers, and have immediately sworn allegiance to each other.  There are no governments to which they promise allegiance, just to each other. They are prepared to die just as their brother had in their arms, long ago.

They have seen the futility of bloodshed, and the dishonor that governments have done to the each and every one of them.  Governments every where, all over, shudder at the day when these men will stand and say, “NO!”


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