The American People are Sovereign

I saw this on New Gingrich, “The American People are Sovereign and When Their Leaders Infuriate Them They will Rise Up and Fire The Leaders.”  I see this beginning to happen when Scott Brown won Kennedy’s seat from the Democrats.  More and more, some persons going to drive up in a truck saying to himself, “Hell, I can run for that office,” and his friends and family across the counties, or states will support him.

You have really pissed us of off, Mr. Democrat.  We will reach down and help the little guy, we work right along side of him; but, damn it, don’t start start taking away our freedoms and stuffing things down our throats. 

Don’t screw up our economy that we have busted our buns trying to keep it going.  Don’t take away our jobs and give them to someone in a different country.  Don’t go kissing ass with the vary leaders that approved the destruction of our buildings in 9-11 .  Don’t keep sending our sons and brothers overseas to another nation, but telling us our enemies have the same rights that our forefathers died and shed their blood to bring about in this nation’s establishment.

Time for change you say. You guys stepped on too many toes  this time.  We the people, are infuriated. Yes,we the people are infuriated,  You are fired…all across the nation, various states, counties, cities, we are rising up in our trucks and running for office ourselves…we are infuriated….No body, but nobody, will do that to us….Watch out, Illinois, you are next, Minnesota, Colorado.  Just a little town?  I think I will run. 

Got nothing better to do, Got back from Iraq? No job, run for office…Out of school, no job…run for office…You tired of how things are being done, run for office.  Stop complaining and run for office.  We the people are taking back our country.  We are pissed.  Infuriated.  Down right angry.  The kind that gets us off of our asses and into action…Yes sir, The same kind that stood up to the British, the same kind that stood up in Charleston, SC.  But, it is our Country,  North, South, East, and West,  the people’s country.  We are going to take it back, piece by piece, town by town, county by county, district by district, state by state. 

We, the people, are no one particular culture, we are just the people, whose forefathers came here and sweated for us to have the freedoms we are supposed to have without their leader’s taking them away.  We came here so that our sons and daughters could have a better life.  We stood up to the dictators in Europe and Asia so that our sons and daughters would be free.  We stood up to the dictators all across the world constantly giving of our blood, so that our sons and daughters could live free.

And now you Mr. Democrat, honor those, who mock us.  It is as if the vary blood that our sons and daughters have shed is worthless and meaningless.  We are infuriated, we are angry, and we will not stand still.  It is we, the people who are sovereign.


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