May Have to Study Computer Programming again

I have been in and out of studying computers. I have been working around electronics and computers have been there all the time.  I worked for  Radio Shack and they were the company that marketed  the first home PC.  And guess which young man helped program them?  You guessed it.  Bill Gates.

Well, my Money 2007 became corrupted and I decided to remove it and reinstall it.  Now it is telling me that something is missing to finish the installation and try reinstalling.  I tried several times.  Then I thought maybe what was missing was on Money 2005 and I will install that, etc.  I got the same message.  Now what, I say to myself.  What?  I have to continue balancing my checkbooks by hand like I have been doing and go to the banks websites. 

Is my spyware doing such a good job that it removed something that Money needed?  Well, my Computer expert is coming over to my house in a few days and I will have just wait and deal with life on life’s terms.  If it keeps up, I will get to the point where I go back to watching TV and kiss the internet goodbye…NOT.  

So I may go back to school and study computer IT or programming or something so that I can fix things myself and start helping other people and just be a pain in the ass when some one hacks me or corrupts my files and I can trace who they are…Sounds like a good plan…Mafia Wars on real terms…I like it…


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