Pictures of War and Tears

I am on Michael Yon’s Website.  He is from Florida and is embedded now in Afghanistan after being in Iraq.  He is a fantastic photographer and brings the war to reality.  I wish I were not living on the edge financially, so that I could donate to him.  I also wish all of these people would stop telling me that had millions of dollars that someone had left me overseas.   At any rate, today I saw a picture regarding the nurses.  One more time it brought back again, holding someone in my arms as he was dying and his blood gushing all over me.  There was nothing I could say and he was trying to tell me to trust Jesus.  I could not.  As I saw this picture today, again, the tears started coming out.  Does it ever stop?  I guess not. 

I came back home after thinking I had missed the bus only to see the bus sweep by…darn…I will be an hour later doing every thing.  Rock and Roll.  And I get to read some more emails.


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