When the laws are known, the criminals can abuse them


Above is a link to a profile to on Facebook.  The name is Dorian Gray.  I decided that I was going to contact all of the people named Dorian Gray after I had been warned about this person as being a scam artist and a young lady was crying out as having been scammed.

So since I touch type I went each person named Dorian Gray and sending a message.  There were all kinds of people, black and white, young and old.  I have no idea whether they were they were same or not.  I suspect some were the same.  Some had no picture.  I could put up a picture of one of my ex-wives and use her name and scam all sorts of people…(hey, that’s an idea.)  But, I don’t do crap like that.  I try to farm a little bit on a game, whack people on a game, etc…and chit chat with various people all over the world.  For an older man its some what of a life.  When I get a cause, I join it.

But when I find slime, abusing the internet, I  get angry.  This is powerful tool and innocent people can get hurt and do daily.  Supposedly the FBI is doing something about it…but, like all government things it takes time and collecting data…In the meantime I try to play my games and be a rescuer of my fellow game players.

So, I was typing a way to tell each person who had a name of Dorian Gray that someone was using their name in a Mafia Wars SCAM…  What happens?  I get alerted by Facebook that I was abusing the system by going too fast.   I know they were trying to protect their customers; but, do they read what is going on?

I challenge Facebook to do something about the Dorian Gray situation then.

Bill Dunn aka Billy The Hat aka BravoBilly


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