Watching Sniper 2 and still more tears, damnit

First, I was uncertain where to post this, whether under Soldiers and Veterans or Entertainment.  So I picked one and let it fly. 

Tonight I watched the movie Sniper 2.  The end of the movie has Tom Berenger holding Bokeen Woodbine, after he has been shot by the enemy.  It stirred up all kinds of stuff inside of me since, I got to hold a black man in my arms as he bleed to death all over my chest.  The memories did not come back until 20 years ago when I stopped drinking, previously.  It was one day on the way to work I had a flashback.  I had to finish my bath, get dressed and go to work, without falling apart all in one morning.  I had heard of PTSD, but did not know that I had it.

I have been through counseling, etc for this and talked about it. 

But, here I am watching this movie and the tears just start flowing, and the feeling start bursting forward.  What fun.  One can never hide from their feelings of the past.  Just accept it and go…So now I will go and play Farmville and Mafia Wars and get back to “real life.”


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