Chinese Proverb re Money

This was sent to me via Power Point and I filed it away and was supposed to send it out within 4 days for good luck.  Darn.  I guess, I just did not get good luck.  Oh well.  But, I think it is really cool.


With money: you can buy a house; but, not a home,

you can buy a clock; but, not time,

you can buy a bed; but, not sleep,

you can buy a book; but, not knowledge,

you can buy see a doctor; but, not good health;

you can buy a position; but, not respect.

you can buy blood; but, not life.

you can buy sex; but, not love.

This Chinese Proverb Brings Good Luck, supposedly and originated from The Netherlands and has gone around the world 8 times.   I kind of cut it short from the Power Point version as I was forwarding to my blog which thing going to Facebook….

If it brings good luck…good luck…I just don’t like those forward stuff and you will have good luck…maybe that’s why I have so much bad luck, you think?  Nah…


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