Luck of the Irish

Here it is St. Patrick’s Day and I decided to stay home, not feeling the best.  I played hooky today from my regular meeting and went back to sleep.  Then I was awakened by my cell phone by a wrong number wishing me Happy St. Paddy’s Day, etc.  After a flirtation exchange back and forth, thinking that I had met the love of my life, I finally got up enough courage to call this sweetheart on my home phone.  Low and behold, the “luck of the Irish”, it was a guy.  ROFLMAO.  He thought I was a girl, I though he was a girl…boy we were mistaken…Don’t ya love modern electronics!   I said in the beginning something about are you just a wrong number or a blessing to this old Scot Irish man?  I guess these days even females are can be Irishmen?  Or am I just a different generation?  Oh well, back to Farmville, Mafia Wars, whatever else I am playing…  As far as luck of the Irish, thinking I had met the love of my life was fun for a brief few moments…until reality caught up with me…Billy the Hat…aka BravoBilly


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