Reflections on Present Day Politics

It is Sunday Morning.  I am getting ready to jump into the shower and then take my laundry down to Laundromat located only 2 blocks down the street.  I load every thing into my baskets put them on my dolly and haul them down, waving at my neighbors who are either coming or going to church.  Living in a 55 and older after living with 26 year olds is peaceful.  There is only the fire truck and ambulance on occasion. 

On Sunday’s I browse through my back log of e-mails and see the ones who want me to contribute to them and realize that I cannot contribute to them any more than I can to people in regular mail.  I want to be able to contribute to  political candidates or causes but cannot as I am barely able to keep myself going.  It is frustrating.

There is a rumbling of citizens who have had enough of things and not being listened to headed toward Washington, DC.  There are Veterans that are frustrated about not being listened to.  And the Government seems to be only concerned with passing a health care bill.  As I ride the buses, people are struggling to find jobs.  I see more and more signs for houses for sale, cars for sale, items in general for sale, garage sales.  Maybe I am just looking more.  But I am not looking for health care bills to be passed.

When I called the VA Hospital the other day, it has changed to a new format with a triage nurse.  I am rambling, but I am frustrated because I want to contribute to political causes, but I cannot because I have little income.  Now I will get all kinds of emails telling me how to make money…huh? 


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