The Medical Bill passes, what do I get in the mail next?

Back in December of last year, after calling the VA, being informed if I had severe pain to go to my nearest emergency room, I had a friend take me to the closest one.  Well, they run me through all the various test, etc. Then they release me the next evening.  I following have all my records transferred to the VA. 

A person at the hospital helps me apply for Medicaid and I am now on it.  But I now receive a huge bill saying that I was not eligible for Medicaid.  Don’t ya love it…

The bill is being prefaced by some of the things that they are going to start doing.  They are going to start collecting your co-pay, co-insurance amount at time of check-in.  Give me the money…Give me the money…Give me the money…Before we find out why you are dying, give us the money.

Well, I ain’t got the money, dudes…I guess I have to take a bus back after talking to someone and see if I can get put it on Medicaid….  Or transfer it to the VA…Had I just taken the handy bus to Bay Pines VA  I would not have been dealing with all of this crap…Oh yeah, that’s right the VA is the one who told me to go there in the first place…so us poor Veterans are just screwed aren’t we?


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