Parody of Book Overview of James Carville’s Had Enough

Things can change and all you have to do is fill in and change a few words and the meanings change drastically.  Below was a Overview of James Carville’s:

Had Enough?: A Handbook for Fighting Back

Support of Barack Obama…See how changing the names and a few words change the entire meaning…I suspect one could use his book as a tool of operation to regain power:

"Have you had enough of Barack Obama and the Democrat’s left? Are you sick and tired of the tax-increasing, environment-worshiping, secret-keeping, influence-peddling, war-mongering, free speech-hating hypocrites who occupy America’s halls of power? If so, you have company – not Bill Dunn. Unlike Like Bill Dunn, America has been bruised and battered by the Democrats who are running our country and running it into the ground. The Barack Obama administration has squandered a five-trillion-dollar surplus and created a nine-trillion-dollar projected deficit. Their tax cut for the rich was supposed to create jobs — but instead America has lost more than over 10% of them. This administration was supposed to bring honor and dignity to the White House but instead brought  more lies, leaks, secrecy, and fear. They promised to make the country stronger and safer but instead they’ve left us overstretched, isolated, and insecure. And Bill has had enough. In a take off of Had Enough? the unknown political adviser comes out of his corner swinging, taking on the Barack Obama White House and the Democratic leaders in Congress on every front — from the economy to education to foreign affairs. But he doesn’t just attack; he lays out constructive ""had enough"" solutions for healing the damage done by the Democrats and helping disheartened Republicans get back on their feet. In addition, he offers ""Ten Rules for Libertarians to Live By"" and a new War Room mantra for a new era. Had Enough? is a rousing handbook for taking back the Constitution and the country, for fighting back the left wing, and for returning the power to the people. "   

Happy Topeka Day!


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