“Principles Before Personalities” and Face book

Everyday except Sunday I go through my routine, hop two buses and go to a meeting where in the process we recite in the process “…principles before personalities.”  Sometimes I get a ride all the way home, sometimes just to the bus stop.  But, I make it back home, fix lunch, browse through e-mails which begin to pile up until Sunday  when I go through them all, deleting the collection that has accumulated over a while.

I fill out job applications on line and by that time, I am getting tired and decide to take a nap.  When I wake up I am looking forward to, after my dinner, either watching a movie from Netflix, or then jumping on Face book.

Since joining Face book, I have become “friends with some over 400 friends.  I have reconnected with my younger son, and can any time I want see what his life is like, and now my older son is back on.  I am finding old and new friends there.  I chat with a younger man from Scotland that since my background is Scots-Irish, is really fun to hang out with…I have meet someone from Australia…There are people from all over the World that chat with me.  Different cultures hold older age in higher regard than do Americans.  Since I had a course when I was in college in Intercultural Communication, I watch for differences in cultures in communication, how games are played and all sorts of things.

Before it was over, two games got my attention the most, Mafia Wars and Farmville.  I try to play others from time to time with Castle land hanging out the longest.  I join causes I believe in, take tests, wonder around on different friends pages looking at their pictures, laugh at jokes, listen music, watch various videos, and entertain myself until I am tired and go to bed.

I have a set routine and I generally do not know what is happening in Mafia Wars right off the bat as the game does not send me any kind of thing in my e-mails saying, “Hey turkey, you are being attacked.”…nor on my page…I find out about it when I finally decide to settle down to do Mafia Wars for the evening.  A lot times it is after I have read messages, sent gifts, and played Farmville and harvested all of my crops and animals.  Others, I get started doing my gifts in Mafia wars and find out about it…

Always, it is late in the game of life that I learn that I have been in a war or battle.  Being a Veteran, I start of being upset as I like to be on top of things…and then I have to remind myself…”Hey Dummy, It’s just a game….”

But, I really have a hard time with higher level people in Mafia Wars attacking a much lower level individual in a war, bringing out his compadre warriors and wiping out the entire Mafia in a battle…I then started thinking, “Say Bill, you are operating on ‘Principles in all your affairs’… don’t expect everybody, too.” 

I started looking at the background of those who would attack those of a lower level and round up an army of like to help, and none that I can see are of Scots or Irish background would do something like that and we would forego reaching that achievement in our game as a matter of our honor. 

Honor will come before achievement.  And because honor will come before achievement, we maintain friends and achieve a hell of lot more in the process, like building half of continents railroad, maintaining most cities in this country’s police and fire department and last but not least, serving in the military throughout the world.  Not to mention, the various politicians who have been in office throughout the country.

But, others will find that achievement is the most important.  It will not count as to how votes are gotten, how games are played, as long as they are won or the scores are made.  Some of us, will lay down our swords, rather than tear up a farmers crops in the process.  Some of us would rather lay down our swords, rather than achieve the high scores. 

But at the same times, we are same ones who, you put us into a corner, and after you have pretended to be our friend to get something from us and walk in with a grenade in your hand, we are same ones who will blow your head off. We are the same ones who vote in elections, serve on jury duty, chair meetings, help our brothers with their problems because principles come before personalities.


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