The passing of the Medical Bill, what do I get in the mail next? part 2

Ever since the passing of the Medical Bill, I have been hit with bills from December, 2009.  It is almost as if, they were waiting to see what happened and when it passed, they would send out the bills to those people who have a Republican Record?  I just call them up and read them off my Medicaid card number and they punch it in and then apologize profusely…I don’t get rattled…

Should I ever have to pay some thing, I will talk to the person, and set up a payment plan and rock and roll.  I don’t have a great amount of income and there is no way in hell they can get too much of it any way.  It is amazing that if you pay someone just a measly $10 a month that sooner or later it will get paid off.  The other little trick that I was taught is to keep taking the amounts of payments from the other bills that get paid off and adding to the other ones so that a $10 a month will become a $20 a month before long. As the months go on, the bills get paid off.  I used to be rattled by all the bills because I just did not know how to do it…so I never did anything…Knowledge goes a little way…So what do I get in the mail next…

I can’t wait to see how many doctors and medical professionals had to deal with me back in December…it is beginning to add up…all for 2 days of stay in the hospital that they never did tell me if I had anything wrong with me…The VA did a cardio stress test and said nothing was wrong.

So what is the next surprise for me?


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