I protest the passing of the Medical Bill…part 3

So I listen to Glen Beck advising me not to get angry and want to throw bombs, etc.  After all, I am from the 60’s…I just did not protest during that time.  I served my country in the military.  So now I am struggling on Social Security and what shows up in the mail regarding something about 3 years ago; but…

“We recently found that the earnings reported for you for 2007 and the earnings information we have do not match…”  I mean, why did they wait until now when I am really broke and struggling?  Couldn’t they have gotten in touch with me asap and let me plan for this?  No, it was just, “If our records are correct, we paid you $$$ too much.”   So, I am scrambling through my file cabinet, and through my blue chair paper pile to find my tax records.  One of the figures they quote looks familiar, but when I go to the 2007 records, it does not agree with what they say I reported.  Now I have to find out where the Social Security Office is located here in this town, make an appointment before that time.  Hopefully, I will not be on jury duty during that time.

But, I really get frustrated and angry…It’s a good thing I have an outlet for my frustration and I can harvest crops, rob peoples properties, fight their Mafias, etc…Which, I am headed off to do, once I really read this letter from the Social Security.


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