Let The Tree Fall

Each day I go to a meeting that we start out by saying “The Serenity Prayer.”  “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change….” There is more to it, but this is the part that has recently affected me.  Outside my humble mobile home was one of this really tall palm trees.  It has probably been there as old as the home is.  I could not put my arms around it. 

The palms leaves kept falling off during rough weather and I would take the up to the road when the truck came by and they would just throw it in.  I was supposed to cut it up and bundle it up, but I never did except when I was chastised by the guy who cut my grass.  (The guys on the truck always just threw it in the truck.)

Before last night, the last big storm, the entire top of the tree came down.   I knew that the tree had to go, but I had no way to pay to have it removed. 

I thought if I prayed for the tree, that perhaps, just perhaps, God would restore the tree.  It was worth the prayer.  There was a little green up there.   So I prayed that God pour out his spirit upon the tree and let it go at that. 

I came home from my meeting today and was not able to be dropped off right to my door as there was truck there cutting my neighbor’s dead tree down. 

I found out that they were going to cut down the tree on my lot.  It is actually between both my neighbor’s lot and mine.  I found out that the park was paying for it.  I found out that the Latino who were cutting the trees down were also part of New Love Christian Ministries.  

When I prayed, it brought work to those who needed work by having the tree cut, rather than restore it.  So, if you pray for a tree, let the tree fall. 

And Grant me the Serenity to Accept the things I cannot change.


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