Suffering Consequences of our actions

"Those who got elected to office with Obama were saying the same things you are saying back many years ago. Now they are running the show screwing things up acting as if they are looking out for the underdog…Blacks, Latinos, and Women…Seig Heil"

Above is a comment that I made to someone.  I had no idea when I made it that this person was even German.  I had paid attention, I certainly would not have done so.

My first part of my life was spent in Germany with my father who was in the US ARMY.  Ich Sprechen Ein Beichen Dueuch.  I am not sure about the spelling.  I used to go to kindergarten with the black kids the come home and play with German kids. 

I remember going to the PX and getting Fleers Double Bubble Gum and the German kids going back home to get theirs that they had saved to chew with me.  Then we started buying more for them.  It was 2 for 1 penny back then.  We would bring it back to them and pretty soon the whole neighborhood knew we were going to the PX and would show up and we would throw it out to them.

When I came back to Georgia, because I had a German accent, everyone thought I was German.  And I had just come from Germany.

Later, we lived in New Orleans, a port town.  I have always been taught to appreciate different cultures.  I will never forget Colonel Biglazardi, the Iranian (Persian) Officer who visited us and how nice he was to me.

I have lived on Pine Ridge Reservation, worked right along side of the Native American, ate baloney sandwiches with them, smoked cigarettes, cried along side of them and had them drive 80 miles to bail me out of jail when I was going through personal problems in my marriage.

I have had a black man die in my arms in Southeast Asia, yet I have had an Oriental man betray me and I had to take his life.

The point I make, is as a Veteran and child of a US Army officer, I have associated with every kind of culture there is known to man.  I do not judge anyone.

When I made that remark, it was based on response to a F..k the government or f..k everybody remark that had been made.  This is the same things that those who were going against the Government and are now running the Government.

When I made the remark, it has cost me membership in group called For Cause 4C.

One careless remark, one thoughtless remark cost me a membership and support in a game that seems to be set up to escalate bullying, dividing into various groups of backgrounds and then trying to join together in alliances and wars…What is the difference in the games and the real life?  Zynga is profiting at our losses.

I pay the consequences, and I am sad.


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