Decided to become a Democrat

I have decided that principles are not working and not worth starving over.  My unemployment just ran out and I will have to really start pounding the pavement.  I had thought that by now the IRS would have gotten my filing and the State of Illinois Child Support would have been paid off.  I only owed them 300 some odd dollars.  But I had assumed that they would have gotten it first.  But that was a mistake.  So the overpayment went to the IRS first…Some how I am still getting screwed out of my Social Security and I am not sure what the hell is going on.  I will have to go down to  Social Security to find out.

So since I have been so out spoken about the government, it seems that I have been suffering financially.  I surrender.  You have my vote.  I just want your money.  Give me your money and you have my vote.


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