That was Quick

On Thursday,  May 6, 2010 I looked at my bank account and discovered that there was not enough from Unemployment.  I then posted that I had decided to become a Democrat, just give me the money.  I accidently paid my cable bill twice and that really did not help me out.  It was going to be really tight.  I was prepared to make it without Unemployment…

Today, I called the bank and a sweet young lady helped me with my account to reverse my mistake.  Already, things were looking up.  I decided to go into my computer accounting and update from my bank accounts.  Lo and behold, I am looking at the one that has the Unemployment deposit and it is showing more money in it than I am showing in my paper account. 

I quickly go on line to make sure I was looking at it right or did not have someone else’s bank account downloaded into my records. (You never know.)  And guess what?  I have been credited with Unemployment.  I have received letters saying they were going to give me, etc. etc.  I did not know it was going to be so soon.

Just give me the money…


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