I never will forget her

My mind drifts back to a long ago to Augsburg, Germany.  I was in love big time.  And the Mott brothers were making fun of me.  But, being typical Irish that they were, seeing that making fun of the situation would not cure me, they decided to have a wedding.  So Pat climbed up into a tree and acted as the preacher.  We used one of my sister, Fontaine’s bracelets instead of a ring.   We had a wedding that day and got married for sure.  It was not long after that, Judy’s father was transferred as was Pat and Mike’s.  Soon, we were on our way back to the States and I never did see Judy, Pat or Mike again.

Maybe that is why none of my marriages worked out because I was really married to Judy the whole time in the back of my mind.  I never have forgotten her.  And my prayers have always been with her.

I  went on Google tonight and there were all kinds of Judy’s on there…She probably got married.  But, they all seemed special talented women.  I guess my prayers were answered, huh?


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