4 boxes to use to protect our liberty and freedom

There are 4 boxes that we must use to protect our liberty and freedom. Each has a purpose. They must be used in the proper order. Use out of order will not gain us the desired result. Those boxes are:

Soap box: What is done on the internet, Face book, etc.  at work at the water cooler, texting, cell phones, writing letters to the editor and writing your representatives and Senators.  Signing petitions.

Ballot box: The place we elect those we believe will best represent us.

Jury box: The place where we nullify illegal laws by refusing to convict persons charged with “crimes” under the laws we deem as a society to be illegal (Boy does the government HATE that. See the FIJA – Fully Informed Jury Amendment)

Ammo box: The place we go when all else but God’s grace and love have failed.

That last box must only be opened as a last possible resort.


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