Viva Los 1070

As I read about someone who wore a tea shirt to a basket ball game in support of Arizona’s New Law being called out by Homeland Security and asked to remove his tea shirt, I began debating in my mind did I want to order a Tea Shirt for myself to wear on the bus.  Oh darn, I spelled  tee shirt wrong didn’t I?  Or maybe not…

Any way…All this mention of Arizona, I kept asking myself why would I be so interested in Arizona.  Then I finally popped into my head.  That is where my Grandfather is really buried.  There is a marker in Colquitt, Georgia, but He is buried in Tucson, Arizona. 

There is mention of how my father joined the Arizona National Guard at the age of 15 and that began his career in the ARMY.  I remember stopping through Tucson when I took a bus trip from California to New Orleans.  I wanted so badly to stay a few days to wonder around.

I have heard of Tucson, Arizona all of my life.  Before Daddy died, I did the tell me about Tucson, Arizona, little boy questions time and again…

So Arizona is part of my heritage.  Nor would it  surprise me if there were a strong Scots-Irish bunch out there now…

There comes a time where people have to stand up for what they believe in.  They have to decide are they willing to give up the easy things and began the fight.

We live in a rough age.  I am seeing the Europe that my Daddy helped fight against Nazism become a slave to religion that will use every weakness or yours to overcome you.

Now as some one with a background in Communication, classes in Intercultural Communication, I am seeing a leader remind me of the one that my father fought against by his mannerisms as he speaks.  It frightens me.  Then when I see the economy start to become much like the same as National Socialism was in Germany during this time, I am again frightened.

I scan through the comments and reactions to comments of the various blogs and I see a lot of anger, but I ask myself how angry are these people?  Are they angry enough to go register themselves as a Candidate?

In just the time from 1999 when I came to this coast of Florida, I have seen an increase of population of non-English speaking.  I now have to decide whether I speak English on the phone.  Sometimes I have to push 1 and other times I have to remain on the line.

I remember friends’ families who came from Hungary after the Russian tanks rolled in who were so happy to learn English and happy to study everything they needed to do so to become a  Citizen of our Country. 

I remember finally feeling safe again after my struggle with PTSD when 9-11 hit and now I watch and look again every where I go.

There is anger on my part for those who want to appease those who want to take my country down.  You want to destroy the country that I was willing to die for, that my father was willing to die for.  You want to destroy the country that Charles Washington died in my arms for, believing in a principle that he was willing to go thousands of miles away from his birth nation to lay his life down for.

You want to mock and destroy the Constitution that I and every other Veteran took an oath to uphold and defend.

So you people who are trying to destroy our nation, be careful.  There is an entire army out here.  We are Brothers immediately, black, white, Latino, Native American, every Nationality.

The funny part about it,  those who served in their Country in other parts of the world, once we find out that you are a veteran, we become immediate brothers.  So the army is bigger than you realize.

One day you think that you have an armed force to do something and it may just stand there looking at you and throw down their weapons. 


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