The legend of the Black Socks

In the days of old, when men were bold in olden Scotland, the different clans had taken to fighting against the Brits, sometimes, individually, sometimes together.  Although William Wallace’s death had succeeded in united Scotland under one King, there still were those who refused to submit to any rule that was allied with the Brits in any shape or fashion.

Before it was over, the British rounded up all of those they could and relocated them to Ireland.   The Scots-Irish as the were known as in Ireland intermarried and stayed mainly to the north with the Protestants. 

At every opportunity to leave, they volunteered as sailors, and volunteered to become explorers of the new lands that the British were trying to plant with their flag.

However, ever since the death of William Wallace, his follower’s had agreed that in order to recognize each other in the future, there must be some way.  They all decided that they would pass it down from father to son, friend to friend, man to man.  But, they quickly realized that they would need the women to help.

They decided that on the last weekend of May, they would wear black socks as they were in mourning.   This tradition has continued for centuries.  When the Black Socks gather, beware.


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