Why I personally don’t trust our President

I have been trying to really trying to figure out why it is that I don’t trust Mr. Obama.  I spent kindergarten, first, and second grades going to US Army Dependents Schools which were integrated.  The first one the way they integrated it was sending my father and the commander to and all black post.

I always had a black woman who my mother had hired to help press and other things I suppose.  But I remember her pressing clothes and taking care of us when my mother went out.  She was like a second mother to me.  So, it is not racial.

I had personal friend in Illinois that he and I worked together in a retail store and both of us went through divorces, struggling to get ahead, watching the birth of sons and share many other things.  He was black and shared a similar last name and was from the same part of the country originally, down South.  No, it was not racial.

What was it?

I finally remembered!!!

When I first left New Orleans while working for Western Union and relocated to Danville, Illinois I had taken an advance on my salary.  I was young and did not know how that worked.  I assumed that they just gave it to me. 

When I got to my post, finally they started to take the advance out of my salary.  I went to my Union shop steward for advice.  He and I were the main ones there who were in line for any promotions.  I did not know that.  He was from CHICAGO.  His advice was, “If I were you, I would quit.”  I followed his advice.

I discovered later that he had been promoted.  And during a strike he had a job.

Later, after I had moved to Champaign, Illinois, I obtained a job as an assistant manager a pizza restaurant.  Evidently, the owner was well known in Chicago, Papa Del’s Pizza.  His Fraternity Brother’s decided that either I leave or 4 of them leave.  I was discharged.  They were from CHICAGO.  Later down the road, I ran into Papa Del, who had discovered that some of his Fraternity Brothers were double dipping the delivery tickets; i.e. stealing from him. 

While I like Chicago as a city, I do not trust the politics of CHICAGO.  I do not trust the Unions of Chicago.

Later, when I was working for Cablevision, some of people decided to Unionize.  I decided to that I would participate and vote Union.  However, those with money, broke the Union, totally removed everybody from the managers and me.  Pressure was put on doing jobs.

Some of those people were from CHICAGO that were the Union breakers.

Finally, I married an Israeli woman in my struggles to find love.  She talked about having to identify her brother’s body.  Her brother was an Engineer on the one of our Submarines that wound up going into the depths.  I wish I could remember the name.

We wound up divorced and the next thing I know she had died in a fire in her apartment in Maryland.  Why do I mention this?  Because our President is not supporting Israel.  But he was not President at that time. 

So, here we have an oil spill in the Gulf, creating financial and environmental havoc and what does our CHICAGO president do? He creates more financial havoc by issuing a moratorium.  When he says Trust me.  I DON’T.


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