I now have some respect for Barack Obama

While I do not like Mr. Obama and his Chicago Style politics, his neglect of the Southwest, the boondoggle of the oil spill and lack of appearance to be getting things done there, being an US ARMY Brat and a Veteran of the US NAVY, I now have respect for him because one thing you do not do in the service, is publicly put down your commanding officer.  I heard my father many times make comments about  various different Generals that he was or had served under, but not to be published in a magazine or publication.  It was at home to some of his buddies that he was entertaining at home.

The Uniform Code of Military Justice prohibited much of what we were able to do, so we simply did not do it or we may have found ourselves in extreme cases in a Federal Penitentiary.

It may be that General McChrystal, while making a mistake and being relieved of command, may have made the wisest move of his career, as Afghanistan is another Viet Nam. 

Once again, I ask the question, The Russians who were able to stop Napoleon’s Army and Hitler’s Army were stopped in Afghanistan.  What makes us think that we can do any better?  Do we want to go against the Russians or something?  Is it an ego thing??

Take the troops out of Afghanistan and use the troops here, if not for anything, but wiping oil off of wild life in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida or security in Arizona and I will have even more respect for you, Mr. Barack Obama.


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