They argue too much about the money!

As I listened President Obama’s speech today about increasing the taxes, etc, I finally reached a point where I have had it.  I agree with him on some things because I used to do in home support for a developmentally disabled man and  in a group home.

I myself am now on Social Security and if it were not for that I would not have any income whatsoever.  But, I look back and see that while I did not vote for Bill Clinton, he balanced the budget. 

9-11 came along and now we are rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan while our own country is falling apart.  If we took the same military and did the same thing to our own country we would do something.

Our spending is done on the military, Social Security, Medicare.  I am an Army Brat and a Veteran.  I am alerted to military spending.  There is a lot of misuse of military spending.

But, it does do one of the finest jobs in the world.

We helped rebuild Germany, Japan, and part of Korea, and many other parts of the world.

The argument regarding money concerns me.  There is one group of people, the liberals who believe that there need to be intelligent group to govern those who cannot take care of themselves.  The others, base their ideology on what this country is founded, that each man is entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  A Constitution was written to back it up and freedom with less government is backed.

Now there is a concerted effort to take our country into Socialism and along with many others.  They act as if they are against “Capitalism.”  And yet it is capitalism that has produced income for most countries.  The countries: The Soviet Union has now crumbled and is now become various countries that are becoming capitalistic after a failure of Marxist communism.  The same is happening in China and is happening off shore of Florida in Cuba.

Yet, those in this Country will not want to see it.  They want to have Socialistic World.  The heart of those various countries will die and each business will not continue. 

These group of people have attended the various groups of universities throughout our country.  They feel as if they are intellectually elite and those of us who ride the buses, and the good ole boys are intelligent.  I really beg to differ with you. 

I can remember when I was in Illinois and saw that there was no Democratic opponent to the County Sheriff and I decided to write my self in as the Democratic Candidate…The University of Illinois elite did not support me but only supported their candidates.

Ironically, I went to what became the University of Illinois in Springfield and managed to participate in Model Illinois Government.  I saw the same the corruption and elitism even in the Model. 

Now as a Veteran, I am waiting for non service connected disability pension and trying to survive on Social Security, both of which are Government dependent hand outs. 

When I was younger, there were not jobs in Illinois and I had thought that a degree would help.  I wound up working for temporary hourly jobs with some of the crew trying to slow the job down and others trying to stretch it it out.  All of us having physical problems because reactions to chemicals that were used to make the air filters that we were sorting.

So, here I am a 66 year old man watching my President and leaders try to bring this country into Socialism let alone Communism.  Now He is talking to the youth with the concepts of Robin Hood, “Rob from the rich and give to the poor.”  I am poor, I have always liked the idea. 

I am Scots-Irish and always liked the idea of going after those elite.  But, now I respect the British as combat warriors.

I have read a book, A Moment of Truth in Iraq, by Michael Yon.  I like what we have done in Iraq.  I don’t think we can do the same in Afghanistan and need to get out.

I think we need to let the Iraqi’s have confidence that they can run their country and just have a base their as we did in Germany, and other countries.

Our country is falling apart on bridges and highways.  We can take the same military  and rebuild our own country.  I dare someone to do that! 

Finally, I am concerned about those “leaders” who surround Obama.   They are dangerous people.  They are dangerous to the freedoms of our nation.  These are same people who were burning flags, burning buildings all in protest back in the 60’s, while some of us were serving our country and serving the very flag that was being burned.  These are same people that were spitting on the uniform that I and my fellow veterans wore.  Then, it was opportune to attend a university and get a degree, just as I did.

It will be interesting to see what happens, in the next few years and how many people are ready lay their life down for country as we were in the past. 

Rock and roll and lock and load!


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