Demonic, Mobs and Jobs

I had just finished reading Anne Coulter’s Demonic, and I was taking a bus to go to my regular meeting.  I had to change buses at the Courthouse and decided to sit down next to this black man.  As usual, I struck up a conversation, which was about the weather and how we were missing the Hurricane and not getting the weather as a result.  He said he was not happy it it was missing. That had it hit, it would have brought work in the clean up.

I began to think that maybe that is why Liberals have mobs that wind up destroying property in order that there be jobs available in the cleanup of the destruction of the property.  That way they could look like the rescuers and providers of jobs.

It is the drama triangle: Persecutor, Rescuer, and Victim.  They create the victims, create the persecutors, and become the rescuers.  All by creating a mob.


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