World Wide Politics/Wrestling

I have become convinced as I watch the Republicans battle it out, that the Political field has hired  Mr.. McMahon to handle things so that the Republican National Convention will be similar to the battle just before Wrestle mania.  And the Election of the two for President is just like Wrestle mania.

People are really not interested in what the President is doing for the country.  They do not want to hear the truth or know that the how the Obama and the those in the White House are the same ones on the streets burning back in the 60’s.  They went to college and got degrees, PhD’s and now are the experts on how to do everything.

Meanwhile Mr.. McMahon has been hired by the media to So that the public is entertained and will not revolt and burn everything unless done on cue.  I will not be surprised when some of the wrestlers become involved in politics as they have crossed into the movie field.  Now they have to run for office.  Surely any one would vote for

John Cena or the Rock for some office.  Perhaps we should have the Undertaker in charge of our relations between Iran and the US to give a message.   Bring his brother  Kain to one of the other countries and have him slam on the leaders around until they get the point.  Don’t mess with the US.  or They can provide a wrestler for Mr McMahon if they think that they really can do it and handle it in the ring.

What do ya think???


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