Bedtime blues

First the outlet in my bedroom goes out in which the overhead fan is plugged into and I used to plug my cell phones into.  I went to turn the power off and noticed that when it was done, the outlet stayed on.  Next, my stove went out.  I thought to myself, well, I found an electric skillet.  All I need is my microwave, the toaster oven, and the electric skillet. I was cooking veggies tonight and the microwave went out.

As I went to cook some oatmeal this evening I realized that I don’t have a microwave.  I tried to cook it in the electric skillet.  It really did not work.  I think I will see if I can heat up a pan now using the skillet…If I can then I will be able to cook…But if not I will have to get a microwave. 


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