Bring the Troops back from Afghanistan

I have watched for several years with distain the troops being deployed to Afghanistan feeling as if it were another Viet Nam.  The only difference was that we had been attacked on 9-11 and the Twin Towers destroyed.  But now, those who wanting to are attempting to turn this country into a Marxist state and the only purpose of having the military there is keeping it tied up with something so that it cannot be used domestically.

I have watched Michael Yon, a Floridian Veteran, a writer and photographer working embedded both in Iran and Afghanistan.  Now he is recommending that we get out of there.  And what will the troops come home to?  An economy that is being falsely boosted up by the government.  There are 2 opposing thoughts.  One believes in taxing the “rich” and giving it to the poor. The other believes in allowing a tax base so that one man operations can make money and expand and hire others when they do.

What will happen when the Veterans come back.  There is already beginning attempts to cut out benefits.

I would love to watch Michael Yon, follow a troop home to Florida and all the way to the VA hospital.


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