Secretary of Defense disarmed Marines in Combat Zone

As Panetta spoke to a group of Marines, he had them put their weapons outside.  Question 1.  What was he afraid of??  Question 2.  Why is he trying to malign the integrity of one of the finest fighting forces in the world? Question 3.  Did he believe that any of those Marines did not have self control in front of him???  Question 4. One which one of his people does the buck stop as Harry Truman used to say?  5.  Would he do the same thing in meeting were it on the border of the USA and Mexico???

How is it that the Russians know that we are falling apart just as they were?  The result will be the same.  Our Academia is so full of pride that they think that they can create a country that will function on a Socialist system whereas in Europe and the rest of the world, it has failed.

Rock and roll and lock and load!!!


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