Comments re Ron Paul and 9/11

Briefly in typical internet fashion I browsed though my emails, and blogs and while there I saw that Ron Paul had commented that had he been in power, 3000 people would not have been killed at 9/11 in answer to someone saying that Osama Bin Laden would not have been killed.


There are those who keep blaming this country for being attacked on 9/11.  But, somehow they will not look at the history books and keep overlooking that we have been under attack by Muslim or Islam extremist since the beginning of our Navy and Marine Corps in 1783.  While I may agree that we need to be out of Afghanistan and let the drug dealers continue to handle the job, I disagree that had we been isolationist we would not have been attacked.  The Japanese attacked us when we were attempting to do the very same and every knew that that they were attacking us.


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