I no longer to be need to be politically correct

I have just won my election.  My opponent lost because he had values and would not break them.  He made the mistake of announcing what he would do should he get elected that effected women, mainly eliminating the organization that represents the care of women.  Single women voted for me.  I also appeared on all of the TV shows that the young women watch.  No longer do the American look for a leader, but they look for someone they can cheer for.  I make myself appear on their list.  I have  multiple Face book, Twitter and every other type of account that they can become my “friend” on.    I really do not care about what happened in Libya.  I really do not care if Iran gets nuclear weapons.   I have no desire to protect Israel, in spite of the fact that the liberal Jewish vote helped elect me.

I have an agenda.  I want to appear to be keeping my promises of ending the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, but in the process, I want to cause the military to become weak.  I will bring the American military down.  I will bring the American economy down.  I will cause rioting in the streets before its over.  I have studied Cloward and Piven.  I will raise taxes on the rich and if the rich is the small businesses, that is too bad.  I no longer care because I no longer need to be elected.  I have 4 years to bring everything to pass.  I have 4 years to change the Constitution to the United Nation Charter.

I have 4 years to take away all guns from the citizens.  I have 4 years to make sure that the young are trained in sharing wealth.  I will give each State, Federal Funds earmarked to build jobs.  But, my goal is the financial destruction of country.  I will give more food stamps, more unemployment, more bank funds, more help to rebuild businesses.

Companies will seek loans from the Federal government. I will appear to be friends of business.  But, I am friend to the Socialist and Communist countries.

I am the friend of the Countries that the Americans have put down.  I will help build them up.  I am anti Christian.  Before it is over there will be arresting of those who oppose my plans.  I have a group ready to serve me.


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