Feelings Re Country

After having an 800lb steel door come down on top of me at Kraft food and getting a large settlement and the attorney getting 1/3 and my ex-wife getting ½, I took the rest and went back to school, getting an associates degree, and a BA and got remarried and fathering 2 sons in the process. I was a radio engineer on Pine Ridge Reservation with the Lakota Native Americans (Sioux) in South Dakota at Wounded Knee. I have lived in abject poverty. I have lived with outdoor plumbing and then went to work with outdoor plumbing. With my recommendations re the transmitter, before it was over, the radio station obtained air conditioning and indoor plumbing. What did I get out of the deal? I got the beginnings of my Sobriety, humility, seeing what our country was really founded on. I have been in both poverty and riches. I worked both sweating as a laborer, and as a Teletype operator right around the corner from the White House in Washington, DC., for a Stockbroker, representing some of the most influential people of the nation.
Sometimes I make comments without thinking. There are other times, I want to see who will respond…Right now, I am concerned when I see the country that I served being destroyed from within. I do not hold against those who want to make a better life here. But for our government to open the doors in Arizona for the drug dealers and gangs and do nothing, it offends me. For them to continue a war which is to support the drug dealers of Afghanistan, it offends me…For them to screw around in the Gulf, it offends me…I am a 68 year old man and have nothing but my Social Security now and it may not last. I am frightened. I am frightened for me, for my sons, for those who want to make a living honestly, and those who take care of their families I am frightened. I can only trust in my Lord and take one day at a time. I had Charles Washington die in my arms telling me to trust Jesus, I couldn’t then; but I try to now. But, it is hard when I see those in power, and have money screwing with the country that my father and I served. And I am angry. I want for things to change. But, I don’t want to see socialism come to pass.

I think of government building projects and everything is drab on the outside. But in capitalism there is individualism and creativity.

Since living on the Reservation, I have been divorced again, moved to Florida, chasing my 3rd wife and got another divorce, been in the VA hospital for an extended period of time followed by Faith Farm in Ft. Lauderdale and Calvary House. Eventually, I found a job working for Radio Shack, which wound up being the last place I had worked before I decided to retire, after I had filed for Social Security. By that time I had been remarried and divorced for the 4th time. I worked as In Home Support for a Developmentally Disabled Man in my recuperation from my divorce. I lived with roommates, who were also employees of Radio Shack at the time who were a lot younger than I.   I found the place I live in now. The last place I worked was Radio Shack and my unemployment was extended for almost 2 years.

To be honest, I have benefited by the moves made by present President. I had extended unemployment; a VA Pension, a free cell phone and 16 dollars of Food Stamps was extended to me. But, because I disagree with socialism and communism I am against those in the White House and the Presidency.


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