Population Control By Relocation

My background is Scots-Irish.  In my generational past, the Scots were rebelling against the British and they felt the best way to control them was to take a large group of those who were the most politically injurious to them and relocate them to Ireland.  There was no vote on this.  They were rounded up by military might, put on ships and shipped over to Ireland.  They found the Irish women delightful as the did Irish men find the Scots women.  There became a group called the Scots-Irish from this.  But, that did not stop the rebelling from the British.

Later, when the colonies were began, many of the Scots-Irish were either relocated to the colonies or decided to relocate themselves.  Down the road, Andrew Jackson was one and even used relocation with the Native Americans.  Population control has been used by relocation as evidenced by the Trail of Tears and the Native Americans.

Population Control by Relocation has been used throughout the world.

One would question why anyone would question the hesitancy to relinquish guns in any Gun Control after generations of Population Control by Relocation.  We simply don’t want it any more. 

We will fight!


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